The purpose of this site is to explore the worship of female divinity from a lesbian-feminist and radical-feminist perspective.

Wicca, and many other neopagan religions, are patriarchal in nature and structure. They do not exist for the benefit of the women who join them. They subjugate their goddess(es) and call that subjugation "egalitarian." They exploit a collective ignorance of world history by lying about their own origins and development. In the end, this exploitation harms the women in their ranks worst of all.

Radical women deserve more than the whittled-down leavings of charlatans like Gerald Gardner and Alex Sanders. They deserve more than the racism and misogyny inherent in falsely reconstructed versions of ancient religions. They deserve more than the woman-hating holy trinity repackaged to look sexy and fun and progressive.

I have created this web site to build and embrace a female-centered, "goddess"-centered worship. There are many ways to approach this worship; the approach represented in these pages is but one way.

In these pages I intend to explore what it means to exclusively worship a female deity as a woman in a woman-hating world.

I hope to reach others who feel the same pull towards goddess worship, to learn from them, and to perhaps share a path, at least for a little while.

I hope to provide a source of information and sisterhood for women unsatisfied with the array of male-identified options available, because I myself am one of those women.

-- Theta Centauri, 02/12/2016

Last updated 01 December 2016 by Theta Centauri